Kish Parsian Electronic Commerce (KIPEC) is established on 2008 for doing commercial jobs of PARSIAN BANK Holding.

KIPEC in Ranking of top companies in the country on 2015 (IMI100) that held by industrial management institute, succeeded to take grade 167 of top 500 Iranian companies. Also this company takes grade 7 for sales index in industry of computer and related actions.

KIPEC is exclusive agent in sales and provide and repair and after sales services on BITEL POS of Korea.

Board of Directors & Managing Director


Pioneer in supplying equipment and excellence in providing services and supplying electronic banking equipment in the country and region

Ethical Charter

In accordance to ethical and Islamic values that is the foundation for achieving social and economic justice and by following and maintaining professional attitude and values in our work place, we the employees at "KISH PARSIAN E-COMMERCE" in order to serve our customers, clients and shareholders and to uphold the highest level of regards are bonded by following principals in our mission:

  • Our services and products are based on our customers' needs and requirements and they are designed, achieved and delivered using the latest technologies to meet the highest standards.
  • We believe, respect and value fair and healthy competition. Competition within a professional and ethical framework is a necessity.
  • We believe profitability must be achieved via productivity, innovation and creativity and it is not our only motive or ambition.
  • We believe our collective knowledge and skills must meet present-day and growing orgazitional standards to provide the best possible services to our customers.
  • We thrive in team work and collective efforts as the corner stone of our success.
  • Organization's interests and well-being is our top priority.
  • Flexibility, adaptability and customer satisfaction are among our core professional traits.
  • Continuous success and expansion is dependent of our conservation of environment and constant efforts in this mission.

Chief Executive Officer, Hojat Azadbakht


Scope of KIPEC Company in brief is:

  • Installing Point Of sale (POS), Pin Pad, ATM, cashless for bank and PCPOS and other electronic banking facilities in stores and services places.
  • Giving after sales services like repair, maintain and provide spare part for all products that support like: POS, ATM, Cashless, PCPOS and Etc.
  • Supplying PCPOS via SAM4S Company of South Korea for PEC Company and all banks and shops that request this service from us.
  • Buy and sell and export and import in the field of all computers and electronic banking products.
  • Manufacturing and installing industrial units for assemble and make computer and electronic banking facilities.

Certificates & Awards

Bitel Company Exclusive Agent in IRAN's Market
Bitel Company Sales & After Sales Services Agent
Hansol Company Thermal Paper Distributer in IRAN's Market
T.kart Company Agent Certificate
Certificate for top 500 Iranian Companies
Production license for POS manufacturing