KingTeller A4 CRS

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KingTeller A4 CRS

A cash recycler is a complex machine that handles a couple of simple, but important tasks—accepting and dispensing cash. It also stores money securely, keeps an accurate accounting of cash on hand, and automates the cash cycle. Generally, you’ll find them in banks, credit unions and back-office retail cash rooms.

In a cash recycler, banknotes are placed into a feeder and passed through a bill identifier to determine the denomination and validity of the banknotes. This cash is then stored in separate cassettes or modules for dispensing in future transactions. So, it’s the very definition of recycling, the cash that is deposited to a recycler is the same cash dispensed from it.

Cash recycling isn’t a product or a service — it’s a holistic approach to cash management. By automating and streamlining manual cash handling processes, it impacts every process and person in a financial institution.

Cash recycling improves both staff productivity and operational efficiency. It reduces labor and other cash handling costs while tightening cash controls and maximizing cash inventory. When businesses combine the power of cash recycling technologies and practices they experience unprecedented flexibility to grow and adapt their services and spaces to meet evolving customer demands.

Technical Specifications

USER INTERFACE 15" TFT LCD display, voice guidance
8 FDKs and / or touch display
EPP keypad be compliant with PCI, vandal resistance
Headset jack, loudspeakers
CARD READER Motorized hybrid or dip card reader, EMV certified
Support magnetic/smart card
Card retracted if not removed
Card returned if power failed
CASH RECYCLING SYSTEM Dispensing / deposit speed: 8 notes per second
2-5 cassettes
4 recycling cassettes and 1 reject/deposit box (optional)
1 deposit cassette, up to 2300 new notes per cassette (optional)
Up to 2700/2850 (optional) new notes per cycling cassette
Accepts up to 200 new notes per transaction
CONTROL UNIT Intel core 2 Duo 3.0 CPU, 2G RAM
250G HDD, DVD ROM (optional)
Operating system: Windows XP
PRINTER Receipt printer: 76mm thermal graphic printer
Journal printer: 67mm dot matrix or thermal printer
Optional: dial-up, wireless, X.25, SNA/SDLC
SECURITY UL291 standard level 1,
Dial combination lock mechanism
Fraudulent device inhibitor (FDI)
EPP shield
Privacy filter (optional)
Customer awareness mirror
Built-in cameras
Integrated media entry / exit indicators
OPTIONAL Barcode reader
Fingerprint reader
Contact-less card reader
Heat booster
Electronic journal
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT Voltage: 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Temprature: 0° C to 40° C (without heat booster)
-35° C to 40° C (with heat booster)
Humidity: 20% to 95% Non-condensing
DIMENSION AND WEIGHT Dimension: 1612mm x 510 mm x 980mm (H x W x D)
Weight: approx: 560kg