Bitel Flex6000

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Bitel Flex6000

An affordable solution with the ability to expand with your needs

If you are looking for something that is more than a pin pad but without the steeper price, our Flex6000 may be what you are looking for. It can function as a normal pin pad without options or you can add a magnetic stripe reader, an IC card reader and a NFC contactless option to transform it into a semi-terminal. It is easy to hold and easy to use as a peripheral device attached to a POS station or computer.

The Flex6000 is great for small businesses—without excluding the larger ones—that are adapting technology into their businesses one step at a time.

Technical Specifications

CPU Mips 32bits processor, Clocked 96Mhz
With cryptography engine, MMU support
FLASH Program/Data ROM 8MB Program Down Loadable Flash Rom
RAM 2MB SRAM with battery backup
LCD Graphics LCD Display 128 x 64 Dots. (16 Character * 4 Lines)
LED Backlight.
BATTERY Lithium Battery for Real Time Clock
RS-232 Up to 460, 800 bps.
One General Purpose Serial Port
MSR ISO 7811 Track 1&2 (2&3 is Option)
SECURITY Fully support 3DES standard Master/Session
and DUKPT key management method
(Meet ISO and ANSI standard for PIN encryption, KEY
management, MAC such as ANSI X9.8, ANSI X9.24, ANSI X9.19,
ISO9564, ISO11568, ISO13491 and etc)
DES, 3DES, RSA, AES and other algorythms support
POWER SUPPLY 5V or 12V DC power input option
with RS 232 signal level output
IC CARD Smart card with two SAM interface
EMV L1/L2 V4.0 compliant